Any guesses on stud location?

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Any guesses on stud location?

Hi All, new DIYer here. I am looking to hang a few floating shelves in the kitchen and cant reliably find the studs i am looking for. I have read a few posts and articles about tips and tricks to find the stud but my cheap studfinder seems to be all over place. Before I go poking around into the drywall, any guesses on where I should look first?

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You will have studs on either side of the window and there should be a stud next to each outlet or wall switch. If you still can't find them remove the cover plate from an outlet. Then you can look through the gap around the outlet and see the stud.
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You can also place a magnet on the wall to find the fasteners.
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Finding studs is partially an acquired art.
I have several stud locators. Each one has it's little quirks.

Here's one that anyone can use.
I bought mine at a supply house but they're available in many places now.
It's a rolling ball and it is STRONG. You just roll it over the wall it sticks to screw heads and nails.
rolling ball stud finder

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Shine a flashlight along the edge of the wall and you will see the nail locations.

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but my cheap studfinder seems to be all over place.
I have a Zircon brand stud finder and it's got to be 30 years old, and I know it was not anything expensive. If that old piece of Tech can find studs reliably I would hope something newer would be even better. Might be a good time to upgrade that stud finder, they will come in handy for decades.

Knowing some basic construction is helpful, some variations exist but it's a good starting point to know where they are generally located.
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If any of these great suggestions failed to find the studs, you could start making a thin horizontal slit/cut across the wall until you find them. Of course, you should do this only when you are sure where the shelves will go,so that the shelves will cover that slit.

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