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(Sorry for these rookie questions.)

I'd like to do a bathroom in tongue and groove cedar, and a basement family room in tongue and groove pine.

* Do I need to finish all sides of the planking or just the side showing after it's already hung on the walls? It would seem to be easiest to put on a poly (or something) after it's up on the walls, but I'm worried the wood will warp.

* Any suggestions to the finish? I'd like to keep the color as natural as possible. I'm not sure what would work the best.

* What length/type nail should I use for the t-and-g boards? I won't be using adhesive because of the vapor barrier over the furring strips, so I'm wondering what nail would be best.

I'd appreciate any help I can get! And again, sorry for the stupid questions....

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Hi Anthony9,no such thing as a stupid question,they just happen to be the easiest to answer.As far as putting poly on both sides,some contractors do and some dont.I like to put it on both sides.As far as the finish,you can use a clear poly to keep the natural look of the wood.As for the nails,use no#6 finish.Dont forget to set the nails and fill with wood fill.You can buy almost any color wood fill,so pick the fill thats matchs the color of the wood your installing.

Good Luck
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Cool......Thank you for the info, beach51! I appreciate the help!!
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