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Hi everyone,
I wasn't sure where to post this, so I tried here!

Here's the deal:

We purchaed a house back in March that included a shed in the back yard. The shed is about 16'x10'. The wall frames and roof are very solid. The problem is, the front part of the shed was build directly on the ground and has caused the front part of the floor frame and the front part of the floor joists to rot. Also, they decided to use particle board as panneling. Needless to say, that needs to be replaced. I jacked up the shed this weekend and put all 4 corners up on cinder blocks. I've come to this conclusion: The entire floor and floor supports need to be replaced.....but the walls and roof are fine. What's the best way to tackle this? I was thinking of secioning it off....starting with the back by adding a new 2x6, then moving to the front, then sides. The fact that the roof is still on makes this difficult.

Any ideas?

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Hi Glenn,I would start by removeing the sub-flooring,then i would sister all the joist with new 2x6's(if thats what your joist are now)Once you have that done,you still have to support the walls and roof so you have to use your jacks again.Just jack the back(if thats where you want ti start)up to take the weight of the bandboard,once you have it supported you can remove the old bandboard,and replace it.Then do the same thing to the front and so on.

Good Luck
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That's what I was thinking. after looking at it last night, I think I figured it out. What we'll do is, suport it on the sides with two sopport point on each side, Then, we'll replaced the "face boards" of the floor. Then, we'll suport it at 2 points on the front side and back side then do the sides. After that, we;ll put in the 2x6 boards.... I hope it works!

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