1/2" sheetrock?


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I have an older home with the plaster and lath removed for remodel. The ceiling joist are 2x6 and 16 on center. Is 1/2" rock ok for this application or should I use 5/8"?
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Hi plumbing,1/2 drywall is fine.The only time you need 5/8 is in the garage,and thats code for new construction.
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i used 1/2" drywall on a ceiling once and within 2 years it was sagging. granted, the ceiling joists were 2' on center,
but i have never used anything but 5/8" on a ceiling since.
i'd spend a few more bucks and work a little harder just for my own peace of mind.
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Hi dickh,If the drywall is installed properly,(adhesive,and drywall screws)it doesnt matter the ceiling joist are 24 on center.There has to be a reason you had some problems with a sagging ceiling useing 1/2 drywall.I agree theres nothing wrong with useing 5/8",except that its overkill.
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hi beach. sorry it took so long to get back to this.

this from the family handyman magazine, sep issue, page 12.

use 5/8" on any ceiling over 16" on center because 1/2"
will sag over time

on any ceiling that will be spray textured

ceilings in humid areas like bathrooms, damp basements
and garages even if they are on 16" centers

any place a fire resistant surface is called for, such as
a common wall between the house and garage.

hope that clears things up a little.
you may be right about overkill but i've always preferred
that to minimums.

have a great day!
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Hi dickh,WOW,the "Family handyman magazine".I guess i better take what they say as gospel.LMAO.Hey,everyones entitled to there opinion,and i'll stick with mind,if you install it properly,you wont have a problem with a sagging ceiling.If you want to keep installing 5/8 on your ceiling,i say go for it.

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