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What is the best way to drywall an archway? I've heard that you can wet the drywall to bend it; but how much do you wet it and on what side? I've tried a sample piece by slicing the back of the drywall, but you can still see the "ridges". I would appreciate any help-thanks.
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Nevermind drywall, use expandable metal lath, or diamond lath Comes in sheets or in 4" wide strips.
Cut to fit the inside of the arch, about 1/2" shy of the edges. If the mesh overlaps,..make it 2-3".
Screws or nails hold that in place, every 6"or so.
Now, the fun part, the "corner bead for arches"
This stuff does the edge at the wall.Designed for arches,
however one must take care in applying this stuff
Nails are best, and get it nailed inside first, then you can make minor adjustments as you nail the outer edge to the wall. Dont forget, after all this stuff nails up, it all gets covered with joint compound or plaster. So you can 'fake' some of the spots that didnt nail off real round.
good luck
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If this opening is just sheetrock now and is 36" wide come down on eadh side 18" cut back the sheet rock up over and down the otherside back 1" to 2" so you do not have a build up of sheetrock this on both sides ......add sheet cut out the arch add 2x4 between the sheetrock in short peices 3" to 4" long....add flex corner molding and sheet rock mud....each step is important to make a smooth arch so check each stop before moving to the next....Good Luck....If you have a door frame you will need to remove it back to sheetrock and go from there....a round arch is 1/2 the width down on each side.....36"=18", 38 1/2'=19 1/4" and so on no need for sheetrock bent around in the arch. .Good Luck

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