Hiding an I-Beam


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What is the best way to hide an I-Beam. I am finishing my basement and the ceiling hight is already low so I was going to do a hung ceiling but not sure the best way to hide the I-Beam as it is already low. Help please

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I just faced the same problem. What I did was this: my I-beam ran right alongside some duct work. I boxed (framed) in my ducts including the I-beam. For an invitng entrance way, I'm making an arch. The rest of the basement I'm gonna do a drop ceiling. I thought the same thing; it would be too low to have the height of the I-beam all the way around.
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I am changing colors in my kitchen. However, part of the wall around my sink is ceramic tile. How can I change the color without having to remove the tile?
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Hello Taff18
You can get by with just 1/2 added under your beam if you add wood to the sides and then sheetrock the bottom use construction glue to add the wood to nailthe sheetrock to or just hang it from the joist and then sheetrock it....Good Luck......
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some help
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Hello Wyddancer
You would get a better answer if you moved this to Painting or the tile forum...but while I am here I can help some....You can get a real good epoxy paint for the tile if that is what you want to do on the wall but I do not recomend it for counters....If you can give more information when you move to the other forums it would help with the details......Good Luck

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