Drywall Cracking


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We are building a vacation home in nothern Wisconsin and want to use a mixture of wood and drywall for the wall/ceilings. We are not planning on heating the house for the entire winter. What is my risk of using drywall? We keep getting conflicting opinions about cracking. Some say it will be fine, but use green board, other say it will be a disaster---Does anyone actually know?
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Nothing wrong with drywall as an interior finish. Is it the
building movement or temperature extremes that have you worried about cracking? The green board is usually used in bathrooms where there is direct contact with moist air.
Well installed drywall, should handle 'expansion and contraction'. I live in Los Angeles, where we tend to get sudden bursts of rapid expansion and contraction!
Drywall holds up here, the weakness being the tape joints and the 'plastered' nail or screw heads, even then, not an issue. Maybe there's more to your situation?
good luck

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