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While putting up shelves I had to remove existing shelves and seal the holes as the new shelves were to be 2 inches higher than existing ones. Removing the old screws and little plastic "sheaths" was very easy. Using 1/8" long drywall screws, I (per instructions) inserted the new screws (I think they're called Molly screws) (again very easy). When I turned/tightened the screw it literally shred the drywall. This only happened on one side. The other side behaved as expected - a bit more difficult to insert, grabbed nicely, no damage to the wall. During this time the air turned on, and there was a BLAST of air from the crumbling wall. In fact the air was strong enough to "blow bubbles" in the filler I used (kind of like blowing bubblegum bubbles). I suspect that there's a problem with the air duct that runs behind that wall, but was wondering if anyone has any suggestions? My landlord (also roommate) is reluctant to have the crumbly wall replaced and she wants to know if there's a way we can get the shelves up anyway!

Long question, advice would be appreciated.
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A sheet of drywall is really inexpensive. There might be other problem slurking behind that wall to make it crumble like that. Your best option would be to open the wall so that you can take a look at the air duct and possibly repair that too.

If not, then turn off the air, fill in the cracks and wait until it sets up before turning back on the air. Relocate the shelf over away from the duct wall and mount it there. You can also get a stud sensor to locate the studs for mounting the shelf.
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This could be a very easy fix...if the holes were made in the duct pipe use a sheet metal screw bigger than the hole install and putty up the holes over the duct repair "new screw"..
Good Luck........................................

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