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I had an adition sticked up,and me to finish it .My question is : the ceiling truses are on 24 inch centers what type and thickness of drywall should I use ?
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I'm not sure that you ready for drywall yet. Drywall is heavy, on 24's it may not even support its own weight. Some will certainly argue that point, but down the road a few years, after the humidity of summer, the contraction of your framing in the winter, you may remember this.

My inclination would be to strap on 12's, perpendicular to the trusses. You may have to block down your electrical boxes.
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oops, I'm not a board banger, but your question was what type. Personal preference is to 1/2" gyprock.
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5/8 sheetrock is just what you need and is made to be installed on 24" span....most all roof trusses are on 24" centers and it works great...Good Luck....Just do it...

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