Wall board over brick walls


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Help! I have 2 questions:

1. Is there an easier way to remove old plaster that was put directly onto an outside brick wall than just chipping it off with a hammer and crowbar?

2. What is the best way to put drywall back up on that same wall after the old plaster is removed? There is no wood studs in the wall and there is a window on that wall that has to be considered if adding any wood framing.
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yes , and yes. Both ways I would think off would include using 1"x2" furing srips.#1- you dont srip the wall and #2- you apply the furing srips over the plaster/brick with either fluted masonry nails or powder activated, then a little ( and I do mean little) insulationand your drywall, or you can think of 100 more complicated ways to get the same results.When it comes to your windows, after the drywall is up, you measure for jamb extentions(where you remove the casing and stops, if aplicable, and measure what it takes to make it flush with the new wall) I wish I could draw ya a picture, it's alot easer than it sounds.
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Like SSM, there are 100's of ways to do this. My recommendation would be to glue drywall directly to the existing plaster wall. Assuming wall is fairly smooth you could use a 1/4" drywall, if not fairly smooth, try a 1/2" drywall which is a little stouter and will in turn give you a smoother surface. You can use something like liquid nails and possibly a 1" or 1 1/4" ring threaded nail to help hold the board till the glue dries. Glue around entire perimeter of board and 2 ribbons running up the length of the board like at 16" and 32". This will minimize the additional wood casing needed to trim windows and doors. Standing board up vs. laying it down will also make it much easier to finish. Good Luck!

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