How to repair a crack in the ceiling?


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Not sure if my home has a suspended ceiling or anyother type.. Its a townhouse and the ceiling downstairs has a foot long crack. I'm wondering if I can fix it myself. The house is about 13 yrs old. any suggestions/thoughts.. appreciated.

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If it is 13 years old, the downstairs ceiling is probably sheetrock nailed or screwed ot the bottom of the upstairs floor joists.
You should be able to repair it yourself with either spackle OR drywall tape and drywall mud. If the ceiling is textured, you can get spray on texture to repair it. If it's just hairline crack, spackle will do it. If it's a large crack, you'll have to tape and mud it.
To tape and mud:
Make sure that the sheetrock is firmly screwed up to the joists.
Clean any loose stuff out of the crack, and lay a bed of mud into the crack. Apply drywall tape over it with a drywall blade and more mud.
Wipe it smooth with a wet sponge while the mud is still wet, or allow it to dry overnight, lightly sand it, and add another coat, feathered out at the edges. You may need a third, wider spread thin coat of mud.
Once the crack and tape are disappeared smoothly into the sheetrock area, paint it with a sander-primer-sealer, let it dry, and then paint it or spray the texture on.
Good luck!


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