Half Walls How do dey doit.


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Half Walls How do dey doit.

Been curious about a marvelous half wall we have in one of our bathrooms that's about 4' high by 4' long that only connects to one wall. We have a slab on grade, so don't think the wood at the end connects to anything below.

Its covered by marble tile and cant resist trying to shake it now and then. Its solid as can be. Doesn't budge. Just can't accept that nailing it to the concrete or subfloor could make it that solid.

How did dey doit?

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They simply framed it out and secured it to the floor (concrete nails or bolts-in-anchors) and nailed it to the wall framing, and then tiled over it (over greenboard, probably).
As long as that half-wall framing is secure, it won't budge, and if it won't move, the tile should never crack.

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