Covering Wallpaper


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Covering Wallpaper

My bedroom wallpaper is over 20 yrs. old. Can I apply texture and/or paint without removing it? It took me forever to do the master bath and my bedroom is large.

Please advise.

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I am having a similar problem. Much of our old house was panelled, then at some later date the grooves were filled w/drywall mud and wall papered over. So for us, removing the wallpaper is not an option -- maybe we can share any information we find?
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This is my question, too

I am renovating my home and after taking off the wallpaper in the kitchen and seeing all the flakes that have to be removed, I would rather not go to the trouble in the bathroom. How can I paint over it without the wallpaper showing and yet have it looking nice?

What is the best paint to use for this and is there a sort of texture or technique that would best hide the seams in the paper?
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you can paint or texture over old wallpaper if the wallpaper is still well adhered to the wall. paint, texture, or even new wallparer will not hide flaws in the existing wallpaper so take time to patch as needed. if the existing wallpaper is sound, start by cleaning the wall (without getting it soaking wet) and then prime with an oil based stain blocking primer such as those made by Zinnser or Bullseye. then paint, textue, or paper as usual.

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