Interior wall


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Interior wall

We have a wood A-Frame house which has settled quite a lot. One of the problems is that several of the windows in the front satrted to leak.

After removing the the sheetrock I decided that I really like the look of the wood and would like to panel the entire wall instead of replacing the sheet rock.

Do I need a vapor barrier?
Should I caulk the spaces between the wood header or leave it for ventilation? We recently had a mold problem also.
What type of wood is recomended?
How can I tell if the black aon teh wood is dry rot?

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We too have a wood A-frame.
You need to find out why it is settling and correct that problem.
The primary vertical support should be in the middle of the A straight down. It may be rotted at the bottom.
The rotted part can be cut out, and pressure-treated wood placed in its place.
You need to insulate the wall with insulation batts.
Use expanding foam around the windows and doors, and around that header ( can push them out of square).
Use a vapor barrier on the heated side (inside) of the insulation.
You can use any type of wood that looks good to you.
(We used authentic c1906 weathered heart pine barn boards with semi-transparent grey stain to blend the colors.)
Black on the wood may just be water discoloration.
To tell if it's dry rot, poke it with a screwdriver. If it's solid or just barely rotted on the surface, it's o.k., and not structural. If the screwdriver goes into the wood more than 1/8"-1/4", you may have a problem.
Good Luck!
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Thanks for your time and info, much appreciated!

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