Drywall repair question


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Drywall repair question

I am attempting to repair my bathroom walls. there was wood framing that framed in the wall paper which only covered the bottom half of the walls. I want to paint the walls so I removed the wood strips and the wallpaper.
When I removed the wood strips some of the dry wall paper came with it because the former owner not only nailed them but also used glue. This means a lot of patching. I also discovered that there is wallpaper glue all over the bare drywall as well as mildew damgage. Green board should of been used, its a bathroom with no ventilation.
Does anyone have a tips on how to best repair these damages and prep these walls for paint? How do I get the glue off the drywall? I know i shouldn't get the walls too wet and its not just scraping off.

any help would be appreciated

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Usually wallpaper glue washes off with a sponge. Don't worry about getting the drywall wet. Well, I mean you don't want to soak it but a damp sponge wont hurt it. If you can then spot touch up the walls do that but if the damage is too great you will have to skim over the damaged part. As far as mildew is concerened I believe someone sells a mildew killer. I would prime the walls with a good stain blocker after that. I'm not a painter so someone might be more help with the top coat of paint but a good satin should repel some moisture. Then there is always a vent fan to consider.
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the use of greenboard will not prevent mildew. use a scotchbrite pad with water and a paste remover to clean off the paste. It will require a bit of scrubbing. Where the paper is torn, you will have to patch witn drywall mud and sand smooth. Consider adding a mildewcide to the paint. Also, as suggested above, consider a fan for ventilation.

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