The rough texture on the ceiling?


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The rough texture on the ceiling?

A friend of mine had her cousin enlarge her bedroom in the basement. He took out the original wall and reframed the new one. The area where the old wall was of course left a gap which I assumed he filled with a piece of drywall and that stuff to make the ceiling rough and textured, Im not sure what that technique is called. But anyway's the stuff is cracking. We assume he put it on too thick he say's it is supposed to crack paint over it and you wont be able to tell. Could anyone tell me how to fix this problem without a big mess?
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For small fixes you can buy a spray paint sized can of the texturizing material.

If you just want to fill the gaps, get the fine grain stuff.

Cracking is caused by adding too much water. It isn't going to fall down after cracking, but if the cracks are more than hairline, I would fill them prior to painting.

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