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Question Tearing down Wall

How difficult or how involved is it to tear down a plaster wall. I understand that if the wall is load bearing there are issues. Even if the wall is load bearing isn't it feasible to still tear the wall down and put supports? Any idea on $$ ? Wall is rougly 6 X 10.

Thanks for the help.
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Easy job, not much money, lots of mess.

You will have to build two temp support walls while you remove the existing.

How much it will cost depends on what you are replaceing the wall with. Another wall? A beam and two posts? A wall with an door or pass through? A hidden beam and hang the ceiling joists?
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More Info

Thanks for the reply, Here's more info:

There are 2 bedrooms side by side and I'm looking to tear down the wall to make one large bedroom. I would like to have nothing there, but I would put supports if necessary. Is this a thousand dollar job or more....best guess is fine...any info or links are appreciated.

Thanks Again...
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If you are doing it all yourself it will be about $100.

That is two 2x14x7' microlam headers. 10 ceiling joist headers. about 20 2x4x10' for temp support. a bit of sheetrock to patch the ceiling.

Project could be done in a weekend.

Having someone do it would be about $500 (in Minnesota).
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if there's any doubt whether the wall is loadbearing or not, you should be engaging the services of a structural engineer prior to tearing it out.... better to spend the 100$ there than on an ambulance.
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Don't forget removal of the old wall. I would recomend renting a dumpster. 75 -150 $

Also patching the floor. This may require replacing flooring in both rooms.

Oh ya, you will also need to patch any connecting walls, baseboards, or any other molding.

Is there any ellectrical outlets or switches that would need to be moved?

In most states, a building permit would be required for this type of work. Plus an inspection of your header installation.

Reallisticly, your looking at $500 - $600 start to finish. And if an inspection is required at least 2 - 3 weekends

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