Dry outer corners


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Dry outer corners

I have a corner of a wall that seperates the dining area from the kitchen. This wall has taken many beatings fro m chairs, legs and arms, utensiles, and any other hard object that may chip away at this corner. My question is how to repair these corners and make them look like corners again. I have tryied using alittle spakle to patch the holes, my handy man abilities or lack there of starting to surface, and filled the holes but came up with what can best be descibed as a curvey dent like corner. Not a very attractive corner at all. thank you
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If the corner metal is bent badly and you want a perfect edge, you should remove the metal and replace it.

In any case, don't try to fill just the dented part. Start at least two feet above the dented area, put a fair amount of joint compound on a 6" putty knife (not spackle), and in one continuous motion apply. Repeat after drying with an 8" putty knife. and maybe again with a 10" or 12". sand and paint both walls.

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