Sheetrock texture


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Sheetrock texture

I would like to finish some new sheetrock with a somewhat smooth but bumpy look found in older plaster wall homes. I am going for sort of a Southwestern or rustic style finish. Can anyone give me some tips, or is this to difficult, and best left to a pro.
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A splatter gun (an attached to an aircompressor) is all you need. It is simple and easy. There are other designs as well. A spatter gun only cost about $20. Shoot some onto your wall. If you don't like it, scrape it off before it dries and try again. You will be an expert after about 10 feet of wall.
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If you want a southwest look try this. You will need a trowel and a hawk. A hawk is a flat metal platform with a handle on it. It's about 12"x12". Use a trowel with flat sides, no notches. Get some pre mixed, light weight joint compound. Now trowel the mud on the wall in big arching motions. The amount of mud you put on the wall is up to you. You can leave big gaps or small. When your done with one wall go back with a twelve inch knife and knock it down flat. After a while, when the mud is pretty well set up but not dry go over everything with a wet spong to smooth out all the lap marks and soften the texture.

I'm not sure what woodbadger is talking about. I don't know what a splatter gun is. I think he might be talking about knock down texture but that wouldn't give you and old or southwest look.

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