Dry Wall Ceilings


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Dry Wall Ceilings

I am in the process of finish the basement of a 7 year old home. I want to knowo about the potential negatives about using a drywall ceiling and not a drop ceiling. I have had people mention that the floor joists will not be even and this will cause obvious waves after the drywall has been installed. The installers i have contacted tell me this is not a problem and any uneven joists will not be visible after completion.

Any experience with this?
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As long as there are no real differences in the evenness of the joists, thre shpuld not be any problem with drywalling directly to the joists. It there is a difference, then consider intaliing 1x3 strapping perpendicular to the joists at 16" on center. This would allow you to use shims to bring out the boards evenly, and then drywall over that. Do you have an piping or electrical that is in the ceiling that might need future maintenance. If so, then reconsider a drop ceiling.
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If future access to pipes or electrical is not a problem, I would go for the drywall. 1x3 strapping may be required if he joists are really uneven but I wouldn't expect these to be any worse than the floor joists for a second story and these are finished below with drywall every day. Your choice of paint finish will make a difference - glossy finishes tend to show any waveness more. Also, make sure the finisher is good at his job. One thing I found that works really well is to use 5/8 drywall. Its 25% heavier but I think it does a better job of covering some uneveness.

If you go the drop ceiling route, be prepared to give up 2 to 3 inches of headroom. They are difficult to install in less than two inches.

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