Constructive Adhesive


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Constructive Adhesive

I read of people suggesting using "constructive adhesive" to mount furring strips to concrete.

What exactly is it?
If I mount furring strips to a concrete wall with this adhesive would I then be able to drywall over the furring strips? - would the adhesive be strong enough to hold the weight of the drywall?
Can you use this adhesive to mount a 2 x 4 to an I-Beam? -i.e. can it connect wood to metal?
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Construction adhesive is basically a thick contact cement-like adhesive. You'll find it in the paint section with the caulk; comes in same kind of tube and is dispensed same as caulk. Will have to wait on an expert as to the maximum holding power, but it is pretty strong stuff when properly applied.
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Thanks for the info - From what I've recently read it seems to be designed to support drywall so I'll assume it would work.

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