Plaster Walls


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Plaster Walls

Is it possible to to place wallboard over plaster walls?

If not--what other options do I have?
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yes, but keep in mind that all your trim around
doorways, windows, baseboard, etc will also have
to be redone. the other option is to remove the
old plaster and then put up sheetrock. a big
mess but doorways, windows, and trim can be saved
and reused. also a good time to update wiring if
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I've done this

dick is right; this is the time re-wire.
How old is your house?
If you wallboard over with 1/4 wallboard, you may be able to replace existing trim with slightly narrower new trim, and get a nice fit. If you just take down the old plaster walls (lots of fun, very messy) you may have to fir out the studs so the wall board fits with the door and window frames.
My advice (never having seen your house):
take down the exterior wall plaster; insulate, fir out the studs; remove enough plaster on the interior walls to re-wire; put in twice as many outlets as you need; then wall board.
You may want to insulate interior walls to high noise room, like bathrooms.

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