Paneling a BeadBoard Ceiling


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Paneling a BeadBoard Ceiling

I have an Old Beadboard like ceiling that is butted side by side so it filters dust down from the crawl space above. It's not Tongue and Groove so there are various sized cracks so it would be impossible to seal so I want to put up Paneling to cover and seal the ceiling. This is in a summer cottage that stands unheated for over 6 months on the St. Lawrence River for the winter months. I want to Glue and Screw the paneling to the existing ceiling. Any Tips? And what would be the best type of glue to use in this cabin that has such extremes of temperature during the winter months. During the days that the sun shines thru the southern windows the temp can climb to 70 inside and drop to 10 to 20 below zero at night. Also during Day trips we will turn the furnace on and heat the place. I only want to do this job once so I would like it to Look good and last till the next owner has to worry about it.
Also Problem #2, While cleaning the above crawl space with the shop vac the dust is so fine that it plugs up my shop vac filter. I have covered the filter with woman's stocking so it prefilters. And it still plugs up and stops working. What can I do to prevent the filter from plugging up? Do you think adding a gallon or two of water to the bottom of the Shop Vac canister will trap the dust and slow down the plugging of the filter? I want to clean the above crawl space as good as I can before I cover and seal the below ceiling. I've looked all over for info for the above problems and appreciate any help I receive with these problems.. Thanks Mohawk
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I hope you havn't removed the beadboard. This is an excellent surface to apply to.

I would recommend stapling up a vapor barrier to remove the dust issue.

I would recommend stapling up concealed spline ceiling tile directly to the bead board. Or if the bead board is removed, you need to attach lath stripes. The ceiling tile is 1/4" thick and comes in a variety of textures.

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