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recessing TV/cabinets and flush aquariums

recessing TV/cabinets and flush aquariums


Old 04-13-02, 03:03 PM
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recessing TV/cabinets and flush aquariums

In my living room I wanted to build an enclosure for the television, vcr, stereo, etc so I can get rid of the entertainment center. I also wanted to build some cabinets flush in the wall and aquariums. The otherside of this wall is the garage. Doing this would help me free up some space in the living room and allow me to build a more efficient aquarium "management" set-up in the garage, while allowing it to be viewable from the living room.

My main concern is cutting out the studs.....will I need to reinforce them before cutting them? Or if I just cut 2-3 at a time and box them in will they be alright? Its a 2-story house, so there is weight from above on these studs.

Since the garage is on the otherside, someone told me that this wall is supposed to act as a fire wall. If I built a "room" in the garage to enclose the aquariums, etc, and have it accesible by a door in the garage, will I still meet codes?

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Old 04-18-02, 06:44 PM
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you will build this exactly like a bay window. Home Depot or Menards will have a step by step "how-to" pamplet for installing a bay window. You may want to check this out.

basic steps:
1. remove sheetrock from the ceiling to the floor on both sides of the wall.

2. remove required studs. If this is a bearing wall, put up temporary support wall 2 feet from the wall you are working on.

3. frame in window opening with appropriate sized header (which is supported by a cripple stud).

4. build support and platform in garage. You can cantalever the platform for support. temp wall can be removed.

5. pull electric and communication wire as required.

6. insulate, sheetrock, tape, mud, finish, trim.

The garage wall does require to be sheetrocked on both sides to pass fire code. check with building inspector prior to starting (that is what they are paid for).

If you want access from the garage, you could build something like a flip-up access door. I live in Minnesota, so I would have to have an R19 in the door to keep my fish alive, check code for R value requirements.

For your built in TV remember to leave room above the TV for the heat to escape.

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