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Unhappy unsquare corner

I would appreciate any help I may get.
I recently decided to put a cermic countertop in the kitchen and discovered that from the corner to the end of the counter there is an inch difference. I had noticed that the current countertop was not flush with the wall before, but I assumed that someone had just been lazy when they installed the cabinets. When I said something to my husband about this he informed me that there was no way to do what I wanted, because he said it all starts with the corner not being square. I am wondering if there is any way to ailign my plywood that would go under the sheet rock to make this work without looking all out of wack. Thank you for any help this is first project I am taking on by myself.

After I wrote this down I looked this situation over again and think that if I butt the cabinet that is now sticking out against the wall, I could then pull out the other end to keep my counter suare and build the back up, becaue right above it is a 3 inch window molding that would cover the gap created. Does this sound like something that would work?

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This is a very common issue. Walls are never straight. They are usually wavy or bowed.

1" is a lot, but not a huge issue.

1. cut the plywood so it is straight on the front edge and angled on the back edge. (plywood is wider on one side to compensate for the wall).

2. Attach backsplash to plywood. On the wide side you can offset the backsplash a bit to take up some of the 1".

3. Attach plywood to cabinets. Attach backsplash to wall, using shims for where there are gaps.

4. Start ceramic tile at the front (as always). The back pieces will have to be cut to fit (1/4" gap from backsplash).

5. Tile the back splash.

You will be able to see the 1/2" difference between tiles when there is nothing on your countertop, but after you put your toaster on it (or whatever), it will look perfect.

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