texture paint - forgiving?


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texture paint - forgiving?

Does anyone know how "forgiving" texture paint is? We have hung new drywall,
patched with mud, and sanded. I'll be the first to admit...we're amateurs! It looks okay, but
not perfect. We are now ready to texture the walls. I was planning to buy the Behr
Texture Paint from Home Depot. I want to roll it on using a texture roller and then
knock it down.

Does anyone know if this texture will help hide some of the flaws in our drywall job?

Or, will it make our mistakes look even worse? Do we need to consider some other
texture technique?

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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We recently finished our basement and did the same thing. My wife did all of the taping, mudding and sanding, learning as she went. Things that looked fine after sanding looked a little different after we put on primer. We used a first coat of regular paint, and then applied two different colored textured paints in a confetti pattern; imagine three colors on the wall now.

The texture definitely hides some of the mistakes, and with the pattern we used we could apply paint in random patterns, making it easier to hide things when we wanted to. However, we can still see some seams, the texture will not hide it all. Knowing that, it may be worth your while to look closely at the wall again and remud and touch up any areas that may be problems before you begin painting.

As you stated, the first time you put on paint it will magically seem as if every one of your mistakes is magnified. You can use the texture to your advantage though and at least minimize some areas.

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