Cleaning Brick Walls


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Question Cleaning Brick Walls

The exterior walls of my house are speckled with either old paint or a chalky white substance. I have tried muriatic acid - and all that did was make the bricks look pink and turn the mortar yellow. All the brick has this problem. I don't know if someone was excessively sloppy when painting the house or the builder got a "deal" on defective brick.

Any ideas on how to remove it?

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There is a product called "Goo-Be-Gone" that will remove paint.

If you are talking about a really big project, and it really bugs you, hiring out to have the brick sandblasted will make it look good as new.
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Woodbadger: I have a similar problem in my kitchen with the thin brick wall. There appears to be a few 1" wide short swatches of green "paint" on a few bricks. i am not sure if they were cheap bricks as well. Is there a way to sand the brick material to remove some of the surface? I do not want to pop those out and replace with new ones because theroom will be complete in 1 week and I am out of time before I move in. Thanks for all your help and sorry to jump in another forum and ask a question.

As for the "goo be gone" stuff. It works great on carpets, walls, and car paint to remove gum, paint (splatters on a smooth finish), old adhesive, etc. I may try that too. Peace: e3 - spamman
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You want to be carefull when working with brick wall covering. If you sand it, the sanded section will look lighter then the other sections. I have also seen interior brick that has color just on the finish side (so if you sand it, it looks tan instead of red).

I would try Goo-Be-Gone or some other paint softener to remove the green paint.

Note: try it in behind the stove first to make sure you don't create a bigger problem by discoloring the brick.

Note2: use a lot of water when removing the paint so it doesn't wash into the brick farther down the wall.
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Thanks. We actually removed all the brick that was in the old cabinet section, replaced with new sheetrock, put up the formica backing and now installed the cabinets. I am not too keen on the brick wall but it will do for a little while till we redo that wall. i will try the goo gone. Peace: e3 - spamman

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