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Question prepapered wallboard

Hi- I'd like some info. I have pre-papered wallboard in my house.
It a vinyl washable material (I think it's vinyl). What I'd like to do is paint over it to hide the print. Can you tell me the best way to do this? Thanks.. jp006
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kilz primer

I'm not sure how slick your wallpaper surface is but this could be an option: Apply two coats of stain-killing primer to completely cover the wallpaper pattern, making sure to let it dry between coats. If there are any wallpaper seams that are visible after two coats of paint, lightly file the seam smooth with a very fine emery board. Then you should be able to apply the top coat of paint.
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wallpaper prep

zinsser makes a wallprimer especially for papering over which is called 'shields'. it is in the wallpaper section not the paint section of any store like home depot. you might like to rough up the existing surface with your hand sander but i have not found this necessary. the shields adheres to surfaces well and provides an excellent backing upon which to apply the paper. further no other prep work like sizing is needed.
would you let me know how you do?
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Smile prepapered wallboard

Thanks for the replies. I appreciate them. jp006
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Prior to using a stain killing primer make sure the surface is clean. Use a TSP cleaner (Tri Sodium Phosphate) to remove any wax or cleaner buildup. Then use liquid sandpaper to give the primer more to bite into. Sample with the liquid sandpaper in a small area first to see whether it deglosses wel. I have used this method on several houses with paneling that had a vinyl covering and it works great. If you prep well a single coat of primer is sufficient. Good Luck.

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