Interior wall at an angle


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Interior wall at an angle

I am building a bedroom in my basement. I want to build a wall that cuts a corner at a 45 degree angle. What is the proper method for framing the angled wall and attaching to the 2 straight walls it connects?
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You treat the angled wall just like a normal 90 degree wall.

You will have studs on the two walls you attaching to and a stud on each end of the angled wall. You can then nail the angled wall to the walls it butts up to.

Be sure to think about how you are going to attach the sheet rock. I prefer to rip the end studs at an angle (starting with a 2x6 for a 2x4 wall if it is finished only on one side, else you need a 2x8). The walls you attaching to will also require studs placed to sheetrock can be attached at the angle.

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