repairing drywall


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repairing drywall

I removed wallpaper from a 60's house and the paper that is on the drywall underneath came off with it. Also, in some places, the drywall paper is scored into in order to get the gel underneath the wallpaper.

I want to texture and paint the drywall now. Can I do that over damaged drywall? Is there a product I should/can put on it first to even it out? Can I texture and paint right over some types of wallpaper? Thanks for any assistance.
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You do need to skim coat the wall so it is very flat prior to texturizing. Texturizing does not cover major issues like you are talking about. Buy a couple of buckets of premixed joint compound, coat the entire wall, and sand. If you rub your hand across the wall and feel imperfections, put a second coat on. Don't trust your eyes only.

You then want to do a texture like orange peel, not knock down where the paper fuss will show in the areas that are not covered.

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