Drywall Project Question


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Cool Drywall Project Question

Hi, I am new to these forums and read back a ways but could not find a similar project so maybe one of you can help me.

I started a home remodling project where I removed a couple small interior walls (not load bearing) between a closet and crawl space in order to make a small 10x10 room for the kids to watch TV and so forth. Now that the old walls are removed, new ones built and electrical in and working, I am at the drywall phase.

My question is, in the area where I removed the old walls there is the 5 inch width area from floor to ceiling (and across the ceiling) where the wall used to meet that I need to put drywall in. Can I just cut long 5 inch drywall strips and screw/mud/tape or do I have to rip out more drywall and put in larger sheets. There are studs and boards where I need to screw so that is not a problem. Any advice would be appriciated. I can also give more information if needed.

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bungalow jeff
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If you can screw up 5-inch strips, then that is the way to go. You can tape both sides and mud across both.
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I suggest that if you use 5 " strips of sheet rock put some wood strips in between the studs to add extra suport. 1x4 6 inches long will work screw into existing board on wall let 3" hang to screw new strips to. this will add suport against bumps.

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