Wall finishing


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Wall finishing

I am finishing my basement. What are my choices to finish the
walls? I have hung drywall and taped the seams. Now I would
like to either paint or plaster the walls.

Can I simply prime and paint over the drywall and taping?

Can I take the same approach as the ceiling and apply
plaster and texture the walls?

Must I paint the plaster on the walls and ceiling after I have
created the textured look?
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you can simply prime and paint now. or if you want
to add texture, prime, texture, prime again and paint. same with the ceiling. the reason you prime before texturing is that the sheetrock paper and joint compound have different viscosities and the texture will dry faster on one than the other which could cause shadows in the right light at all the seams. then when you add texture, like orange peel, of course you have to prime again because paint needs primer to stick to. that's the advice i got from a master painter who has been in the business for 30 yrs.

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