Strange reoccuring stain on wall.

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Strange reoccuring stain on wall.

First off let me say, "Wow!" I just bought my first home and ran into a question, and found this place. It looks to have lots of useful information. Hopefully, one day, once I learn some stuff I will be able to help out instead of just asking questions and looking rediculous. My knowledge of repair type stuff is..... well, rather limited. And that's being polite.

Here's my question/situation. Its about walls, so I guess it goes here. If its better off someplace else (plumbing?) let me know.

My wife and I decided to paint the inside of all the closets in our new place since they were rather marked and dirty. While wiping them down, I ran across three red stains on the pine (I think its pine, its some kind of soft wood) baseboard over the drywall. They are about the size of a quarter, nickel and dime. As I wiped them, I merely suceeded in smearing them, so I thought them a regular stain and would just paint over them.

When I got to painting down at the bottom, I merely spread it more, turning it into pink smears in the white paint. It wasn't until I really tried to clean it off that I realized these stains were returning. I would wipe them completely off, only to have them return in literally seconds, using a variety of cleaners.

The curious thing is though, that they don't spread. They stay where they are and at the same size. So far anyway. We are only up on weekends to clean and fix up the place for now. And, its not a copper or rust color, it is a bright, pure red. Short of cutting out the area and looking behind it, I have no clue what it could be or what to do about it.

Any thoughts as to what it might be? Initially, I was thinking water, but the color is odd (unless there is some red printing being pulled through the wood or drywall) and it isn't spreading as I would think water was. The basement is unfinished and looking up from under neath the closet, there is no sign of the color or other water damage. Although the master bath is above it, with some mildly loose tile, I really don't think that's it (although maybe once we run the shower, it will get worse?) But as I said, I am at a loss as to what it might be.

Please, don't tell me I have a daed body plastered into my wall.
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Sounds like you have a dead body plastered into your wall. It's a common problem.

Anyhoo, did you check for rusty nails just under the surface?
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But see, it doesn't smell bad or anything. But if you say that's it, I guess it has to be.

No nails that I can see right there at the spots. I'm a little reluctant to pull off the base board since it will be a *****. Those damn headless nails. I'd probably make a big old hole trying to get it off since it is along the back wall and I'd have to take off the sides too, due to the diagonal cut in the corner to join them.

But like I said, its not that rust color of red that might come from a nail, it is red red. And a nail there wouldn't just pop out color. It would need a liquid or something to soak it through. I think. Like I said, I am new to this.
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Sounds to me like Knots in the wood bleeding out. Need to be cleaned off, and sealed with something like shellac. But even this does not work sometimes.
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A hint for the finish nails. The easiest way and the least destructive way to get the nails out of the basebord after you get it off, is to pull them out from the back side with a pair of pliers. Get a pair of channel locks and grab them and just rock them out.
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My curiosity would have me trying to drill a small pin hole through one of the spots. It that produces nothing, I would then try painting over it with a coat or two of primer paint another coat of your regulur paint.
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That dead body was just packed full of blood. I think the knot idea sounds reasonable. If you do repaint use a stain blocking primer like Kilz.
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Hey, thanks guys for all the help.

I finally decided to just give up on wondering what caused it and just decided to cover it. I used something similar to Kilz, because that one specifically mentioned bleeding knots. A few coats of that and it worked wonders. I also used it on a few other marks and stains, but unfortunately was spot priming and you can see it through the over coat of paint. But its only a closet, so I can live with it. And even better, so can my wife.

Thanks again. I'm sure I'll be stopping back in fairly often as we continue to get the place ready to move in and afterwards.


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