Sanding walls after priming?


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Sanding walls after priming?

I'm in the process of priming new drywall. I initially spot primed & I'm in the process of now covering entire wall with 1st of two priming coats prior to actually painting. I thought I had done a pretty good job of taping and sanding the drywall but I've noticed in a few spots where feathered out joint compound meets bare drywall that even after I've primed it you still a clear raised edge. I'm concerned that even after another coat of prime & final paint coat it may still be visible. Can these areas it be sanded at this point & then reprimed? If so what type/grit of sandpaper would you recommend for sanding primed/painted walls? Can I also smooth out any small wavy areas in this way?

As an aside - is it usually recommended to do some final sanding after priming to remove any potential trouble spots prior to final painting? Thanks for any info.
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Touch up walls

The easiest thing to do is use 100grit sandpaper to sand through the paint, to sand off the blemishes underneath. The other spots that you can see, that are not yet painted, you should apply a very thin coat of joint compound to and then wipe it all off. You won't be taking it all off, no matter how hard you try, but you won't have any lines either. Before you prime put a light on the side of the wall to make sure you don't see anything. Sand outside edge.
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You may get yourself into trouble sanding through the prime. Also try to apply more mud. This is called touching up and is done often. just cover the bad spots with more mud and sand that.

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