Applying 5/8x4 wainscot to drywall?


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Question Applying 5/8x4 wainscot to drywall?

I'm planning to install 5/8x4 wainscot to drywall. Question was about best way to apply. I'm using a finish nailer to "tie in" at each stud (the slats tongue and groove together) but was wondering if anything was needed in between the studs - a friend suggested runnning a bead of adhesive caulk on the wall behind the pieces not tied in to a stud. His concern was that they might "pull" away from the wall...
A) is this a concern?(the slats "bowing" away from the wall)
B) is caulk the way to go? (or is it even needed?)
C) does anything need to be done in between the studs or could I simply run 4-5 nails along each stud tying those pieces in?

BTW - the home is 3 years old "stick built" colonial type

Thanks, in advance, for any insight on this,

Tim Morris
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You do not need adhesive. Use a 45 degree angle when nailing the boards that do not go into studs. Nails should be about 12 inches apart. Nail the bottoms into the bottom plate. The chair molding on the top of the wainscot along with the bottom plate nails is more than enough to prevent any boards from pulling away.

Of course if you are installing in a damp area (like a bathroom or basement with a humidity issue), you should remove the lower sheetrock and install 1/2 plywood first.

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