rotten drywall bottom


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rotten drywall bottom

Just bought a house, and I'm making a workshop out of the garage. I took off the baseboards to paint the cement floor, and I noticed that most of the way around the room, the bottom inch or two of the drywall is crumbly with some mildewy/stained areas. This is just a workshop, so it doesn't have to be perfect, but I'm wondering what I need to do before painting the walls. I'd like to have it reasonably well insulated. Right now the drywall ends about 1/2 to 1" above the floor, although this gap is covered by baseboard.
1)Could I squirt some caulk in there and then put the baseboard over it, or is that too much to hope for?
2) What's the best way to deal with 1" of crumply drywall at the bottom of a wall, if I decide to repair it? Should I cut out a long narrow strip and replace it with new? Can I "create" a bottom edge out of mud?

I'd sure appreciate any help.

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Crumbly drywall

You need to address the moisture problems that created the problem in the first place. Is soil around garage higher than the sill plate. Soil should slope away from the garage so that excess moisture is carried away from the foundation. Do you have gutters and downspouts that carry away excess water away from foundation?

Crumbly sections can be cut out and replaced, taped, and mudded with premixed plaster or joint compound. If, as you say, it involves only an inch behind baseboard, then perhaps the basedboard will do. If you have moisture problems, you may also have insect problems.

I just sold a house where I lived for about a year. The termite inspection was good when I purchased, but when I sold the garage had termites. I was not aware of this. Thus, I had to pay for termite treatment for the buyer. The gutter on the garage was rusted through and the rain ran through and down the side of the garage. Too, the previous owner had a deep flower bed along the side of the garage. The new owner will soon figure out that he needs a new gutter. The garage was made of blocks. The termites were reportedly in the ceiling. Thus, they must have made their way up through the blocks, as I never saw any tunnels in the garage.

Oh, the things we have to worry about!

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