Exhaust from gas Hot Water heater: see Pictures

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Exhaust from gas Hot Water heater: see Pictures

Is the angle for the exhaust proper here? I think I smell gas exhaust from the hot water heater. If not, maybe I can move the hot water heater, or bust a higher hole in the chimney to increase venting angle. Please advise.

Dave Varga

Here is the link to see http://home.comcast.net/~devidasvarg...e_hotwater.htm

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Most areas have codes that dictate the degrees of upward flow for a gas water heater exhaust pipe. They USUALLY start at 45 degrees. Yours is almost horizontal.
Is the water heater vented into the same chimney as the boiler? Again, some areas do not allow this as when one unit or the other is running and the other is not, the gas can follow the pipe back and exit into the dwelling.
I would advise you check your code office or a heating company. I really think you have a dangerous situation currently. Good luck.
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I agree and I would venture that most of your venting is being done into the room. Any of the newer heaters would not work under this condition. Besides the flat rise you have at least three elbows which on a flat rise would just about stop any outward venting. I don't believe you can fix this problem with your current heater and will need to go to a power vented heater to solve this problem with the heater.
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Most area calls for 1/4 inch rise per foot of pipe. However, there must be a 6 inch straight vertical rise coming directly from the draft hood before any elbows. In your case, your elbow is directly on the draft hood. This creates a back pressure and the exhaust will not vent properly. This will result the exhaust spilling out into your basement.

As has been said, check with your local code office.

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I think the answer has been clearly given that your installation is not proper.

Here is a simple test: When the water heater burner is running, or when it is off and the furnace is on, strike a match and hold it near the draft hood on top of the WH. The flame should clearly be drawn inward. If it is not, or is blown outward, you have a very bad situation. The carbon monoxide in the exhaust is odorless and deadly. There are other byproducts of combustion which do give the "gassy" smell you describe. Take these smells as a warning!

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