Pilot light keeps going out

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Pilot light keeps going out

I just moved into the house which is 8 year old. I had the Direct Vent Gas water heater. I experienced no hot water from time to time. This is due to the pilot light was out. I relight the pilot light and turn the temperature to the recommended one, the burner is up. Everything seems working correctly. However, i got no hot water again. sometimes after one day, sometimes after two days, and sometimes after three days.

I called the home warranty and submitted a work order. I told the technican if it is possible the wind blowed the light out. The technican told me that that was not the problem and it was something related to copper wire so he replaced it. however, problem still occured. The technician came again and replaced it with another one because he said the first one may not be good. Problem still occured after the second try. For the third visit, he seemed not happy and then told me the gas water heater has no problem, it is a venting system problem!! I can't believe what he said now. However, the home warranty company insists it is the venting problem based on that technican's input. I felt frustrated.

I searched this forum and found serveral threads reporting the similar issue. however, none of them says it is related to venting system. Can anyone who has this experience share some inputs to me?

Also, i did this test:

1. light the pilot light
2. turn up the temparture, observing the burner is up;
3. turn down the temperature, observing the pilot light is blew out by the burner.

I only did one test since i'm expecting a baby the end of June and it is difficult for me to bend down a lot.

If the burner blows out the pilot light, why sometimes i can get hot water up to 2 or 3 days? Maybe the burner blows it out from time to time?

Please please help me!
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Several factors may cause pilot outage. Poor venting or not enough combustion air are possibilities. A good plumber will check the flue pipe for problems. Also, if the unit is in a closet, this could cause problems if inadequate combustion air is not available.
Anyway, there are other possibilities as well. The thermocouple has been replaced so that should not be an issue here. You may have bad gas control, blocked pilot tube or orifice.

I suggest you call someone else for service. As you have found out, home warranty companies can sometimes be disappointing.

Good luck.
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I have a similar issue. The pilot light keeps going out. I had a repair man check everything, the vent, thermocoupler, etc. In my case what is happening is that occasionally when the flame goes off it blows off the pilot light.

Any ideas how to fix it?

I'm almost ready to buy a new one, but as I read various water heaters reviews I keep seeing this is a reoccurring issue with almost all brands. I guess they don't make them like they used to.


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