No hot water, no central heating - BUT boiler working fine?!

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No hot water, no central heating - BUT boiler working fine?!

Hi, I'm a newbie so go easy

I've been on cold showers for the last 2 months as well, so go extra easy!

I've just bought a house. The heating/hot water were fine when I moved in. However, I hired someone to do some work and part of the job was removing a radiator. Ever since, there has been no hot water/central heating.

I've had 4 plumbers over to look at the system, they all suggest replacing the whole system, which would cost over 3000 ($5000) !!!

However, I've been told that the boiler is fine by one of the plumbers.

It's very frustrating, since I really don't think it's a huge issue, however none of the plumbers have given me an exact answer as to what the problem is, they just don't want to get their hands dirty working with an old system, so they walk off telling me to replace it as it would be simpler (obviously they don't realise that not everyone has 3000 lying around!)

Any suggestions greatly appreaciated.

Here's the system (from what I've been able to learn on the subject, hopefully I've understood):

- we have a hot water tank, and a gravity fed system with a cold water tank on the roof
- we don't have a combi boiler, just a standard boiler
- boiler heats water
- this water travels through hot water tank in a coil and induces heat into the water, thus creating hot water in the taps
- the water from the boiler then continues to travel through all the radiators, finally ending back at the boiler
- However, whenever I turn on the boiler, the water pump starts as expected, pushing the water through the central heating system, and hot water can be felt coming out of the pipes in the top of the boiler, however the water tank is cold.
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Is there anyway for you to check the pressure in the system after the pump to make sure it is working? Just because it hums doesn't mean it works. Could air be trapped in the system around the pump?
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This thread will probably end up being moved to the Boilers sub-forum...

Anyhow, from my limited knowledge you only have 4 things that can be preventing the water from circulating.

1. A leak. Doesn't sound like it.

2. Bad pump. 30% possible -- The hot water you feel traveling may just be conductive heat or the natural hot water rising thing. If you touch the motor on your pump and it is really HOT, then the motor has gone bad and you'll need to replace it.

3. Air in system. 60% possible -- replacing any part of the system can let air in. If the system wasn't bled after the radiator was replaced then I'd bump this to a 95% chance of being the problem. There are lots of threads in the boiler forum about bleeding air out of your system. Basically you'll be putting new water in while letting the air out via either bleed off valves in the radiator/convectors, the boiler, or just through the drain valve.

4. Other blockage. 10% possible (or less)-- Lasty since the system has been opened there may be something other than air blocking the system or stuck in the impeller of your pump. Bad luck if this is the case, 'cause finding and removing it will be very difficult. Draining the system and removing the pump, including impeller, would be starting points. But this is pretty dang unlikeley.

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