Exausting a gas water heater

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Cool Exausting a gas water heater

I currently have a 2 year old gas water heater in good condition. It is a higher efficency model venting into a chimney stack which goes up through the center of my house. I would like to get rid of the chimney and vent the water heater directly out throught the foundation of my house but if I can would like to keep the current water heater because it is still a good unit and doing its job. Is there a venting fan on the market which I could attach to the water heater to assist the venting of the gasses? Has anybody else done this and will you please advise as to the best products to assist? THANK YOU.
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I doubt that you can legally modify an existing water heater for through the wall venting. Appliances must be specially designed, listed and approved for this type of operation. I know of no conversion kit, either approved or otherwise. Also, wall venting may be subject to additional local codes.

Sorry to say, you will probably have to bit the bullet and buy a new heater. But before you do, check your local codes.

If anyone has any information to the contrary, please jump in.

Also, 2 years for a water heater may be considered old for some brands. I've seen 4 year old heaters leak. A little Google search confirmed many of my observations. I guess they don't make them like they used to.

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Your conventional water heater must vent vertically up above the roof (some part of the run can be angled toward horizontal, but there are very specific requirements for total minimum vertical rise, and max number of 90's or 45's allowed)

You cannot retrofit a booster fan to a unit which was not designed for it.

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