How do I relight a pilot light?

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Exclamation How do I relight a pilot light?

The gas company came out and re-lit the pilot light for us, but our water water heater is out side in a small closet attached to the house? How do I relight the pilot light so we can have hot water again?
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The instructions should be on a decal affixed to the water heater.

Generally, the drill is to remove the outer door of the heater jacket, remove the inner door, turn the gas valve form the ON position to the PILOT position, insert the flame (a long fireplace match or a long butane fireplace/barbeque lighter) into the chamber and hold the flame slightly above the pilot burner while pushing down on the gas valve knob. This will cause the gas to flow and light the pilot. Hold the gas valve knob down for about a minute to allow the thermocouple to heat to until it is glowing. (The thermocouple is a small rod that will be enveloped by the pilot flame) After this time you may let up on the gas valve knob and the pilot should continue to burn, if it goes out relight it and hold the knob down for a longer time before releasing. If the pilot stays lit then you may replace the inner and outer doors and then turn the gas valve knob to the ON position. If the tank has cooled the main burner will now ignite.

Or, just watch this video:
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Red face Be sure reset button goes all the way down

Hi. Thanks for these excellent instructions. Because of the close proximity of my washing machine to the water heater, I could not clearly read all the instructions. My only problem was quickly resolved once I discovered that I did not have the gas-on button in the right position for "pilot" and thus, the reset button did not go all the way down, allowing gas to flow to the pilot. Once I figured that out, when I put the match inside, it immediately lit and all was well! (I offer this suggestion to fellow women who might not be able to figure out WHY the simplest instructions aren't working ! ..... Like ME!!!)

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