water heater pilot wont' light


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water heater pilot wont' light

I have a 4year old 57 gallon whirlpool gas water heater which stopped heating my water. I tried to restart the pilot by depressing the red button and pushing the electronic ignition button. I see a spark through the port hole however the pilot does not light the burner.
Since my pilot light went out I'm thinking my thermocouple should be replace since the thermcouple controls the gas valve which must be closed since the pilot won't ignite by depresing the electronic ignition which is sparking when depressed. The warranty covers all parts not labor, otherwise I would struggle to pay labor to high price plumber. Help me help myself get hot water.
Thanks in advance for my hot water.
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Do a Google search on your brand. In the long run it will likely be cheaper to replace the entire water heater now. Others may disagree, so do some research.
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I know plumbers can be expensive...I am one..and i'm not cheap no matter what my girlfriend says

But truthfully..when it comes to gas water heaters...i always recommend calling a pro. Can a person fix it on their own? Of course...and we will help out best we can to direct you....but gas involves so much liability if something goes wrong i always prefer to stick that liability on someone elses shoulders if possible..such as a licensed and insured contractor.

As for your gas issue...it sounds like the thermocouple..doesn't mean it is..but would be my first thought.
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Try calling your local gas co
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If it was a thermocouple - I believe it would light, then go out as soon as you let go of the button. The purpose of the thermocouple is to sense that the pilot is lit, and shut it off it is not.

Are you sure you moved the valve to the "pilot" position ?
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tribe_fan is correct. But the problem is the cost and frequency of replacement. This brand uses a special thermocouple. More than likely the new one won't last. Your problem is likely lack of combustion air caused by a clogged screen. Again, do the Google search and then change the water heater.
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