Anode Rod Will Not Come Out!

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Anode Rod Will Not Come Out!

After this job I'm going to refuse all water heater
jobs for at least six months. I'm literally going

The county where I live has incredibly hard water.
Sometimes I think the water is all minerals and
sediment. The water part is just an illusion.

Contractors around here always check the anode
rod. The heater could be three months old and the
rod could already show pitting and decomposition.

The rod that's stuck is the separate kind. In other
words it's not connected directly to the hot water
outlet. The hex on top of the rod is 27mm or 1-1/16".

I tried completely emptying the heater and letting
it cool off. I thought if the threads in the rod contracted
a little it might come out. I sprayed all around the
hex with various penetrating lubricants. Finally, I
brought out the heavy artillery. I've got a couple
of long breaker bars that can easily remove monster
size nuts and bolts from a truck or SUV. The darn
rod will come out!

Please tell that there is some "trick of the trade" that
will work on this rod. If not, this relatively new heater
is doomed.
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Those are usually torqued on very tightly, and with a thread sealer. It is always better to use the weight of the water to help hold the tank, and even that is difficult sometimes. You don't want to destroy the tank getting it off. It might just be better to flush the tank every couple of months.
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Thank you Just Bill.

Because of the hard water, a lot of folks install
water softeners. If you use a water softener with
a heater that is still under warranty, the warranty
is null and void.

Maybe I've been very lucky in the past. I've always
managed to get these anode rods out. If I tell
the homeowner it can't be done the unit is likely
to fail in the next several months.

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