Water Heater leaking from discharge tube.

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Water Heater leaking from discharge tube.


Could someone tell me what I should do? My hot water tank started with a slow drip yesterday from the discharge tube or the overflow tube (I guess that is what it is called). Its a copper pipe. Anyway, the only way it stops is if I turn off the main water supply. I have left it to drain and it continued to stream out. The only change was the temperature of the water, which was very hot in the beginning and then it cooled down, but the leak is still present.

Now if I turn the main water back on, it seems to pour out more water than yesterday. I tried to open up the TPR valve a few times, but there was no change.
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Electric water heater?

Water was extra hot before you noticed the leak?

Indicates a stuck thermostat. Often the bottom one as it works more. Many people like to change out both at once. (The top one costs more.)

If water gets hot enough it can cause the upper stat's red reset buton to shut off, and you have to depress it to once again get water to heat up.

You may have 2 issues. 1. Stat got stuck. 2. Fact that valve is now stuck because it has been so long if ever, since it has opened, that now it won't seat right again. Sometimes you can get them to work by keep flipping the lever. You could try to shut off water to water heater and drain it down just a tad to relieve pressure, then open the TPR valve and try to blast in the pipe with air compressor in hopes to free up some junk (Never tried this myself but the theory sounds plausible) - or just replace the TPR valve which can be purchased in plumbing section of home centers for reasonable.
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Water Heater Leaking from Discharge Tube

It's gas, not electric and yes the water was extremely hot at first. The TPR valve seems to be working fine because the water flows faster when I open it. I tried to let it drain, but the water did not seem to slow down. I turned it off as well as the main water supply.
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You need to determine if the TP valve is bad. To do so,
turn the therm stat (temp control) of your gas valve to
pilot and make sure the burner is not on.
Turn on your cold water suply and turn on your
shower hot water faucet to let hot
water go out. Be careful if it is hot. When you feel water
is only warm or cold. Turn off the shower faucet.

Now your water pressure in your water heater will be
whatever the city water supply provides (assuming you
use city provided water). It should be below TP valve
triggering pressure. If this time you still see the TP valve
leaking water, then your TP valve is bad and you need
to have it replaced.

If TP valve stops leaking, then you might have a bad
gas valve (therm stat). Changing it might be costly and
you might consider replace the heater if it is old.

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