Power Vent Alternative?

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Power Vent Alternative?

I have an 11 yr-old 50-gal gas power vent WH in a 2-full-bath condo that needs to be replaced. It's in a closet-type space off the balcony (2nd story) and the flue goes out the ceiling. One of the closet walls has 2 vents to the kitchen (std. grates) which I don't like because cold comes in when it's windy or temps really drop.

As for performance, the further shower is lukewarm in winter and can't be used while the closer one is great (I use that in winter). Also, I hate the loud, rumbling noise made by the blower.

Someone suggested I go with electric instead (expensive $$$$ utility in MD). Is it a feasible or logical application? Secondly, would it make my condo's value a hair lower (fierce market around here and people like gas better)? I feel like I have no choice but to go with another power vent because of the pipes and stuff already in place....easier install? I read about tankless (gas) and feel reluctant due to install complexity and price.
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The Rheem units are fantastic. Well worth the $1000 price (ordered on the INTERNET and it includes delivery). That was for a HUGE unit (300KBTU+) which you do not need.

I put two of these units in a small Laundromat and the worked out great!

They only fire up on a pressure drop, like when you open the hot water faucet, and save you gas. The water heats up INSTANTLY but the delay is from the heater to the point of use. This can be 1/2 second to 10 seconds, depending on where and how you install the unit.

Ideally, I would place it CENTRAL to ALL hot water usage points, BUT you may want to install it closer to the most frequently used bathroom or closer to the kitchen, etc.... OR you may want to leave it where the HWH was.

Well worth the money for a well made unit. It is wall hung, lightweight, easy to install, and efficient.

Good luck!


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