re-lighting gas water heater

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re-lighting gas water heater

After running water for a couple of minutes, there was no hot water, and the water heater didn't kick in. I tried following the directions to light the pilot on my A.O. Smith gas water heater. However, I cannot remove or open the inner door. There is a tube and 3 wires connected to it with thick rubber gaskets and it will not budge in any direction.
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Model Number?.............
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The more INFO you can give on a unit . The faster we can can try and help you.
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If your unit was build after July 1, 2003 it is an FVIR model, with sealed combustion chamber. The pilot is lit by clicking a red sparker button attached or adjacent to the gas valve.
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Thick rubber gasket? Heavy metal inner door? THREE wires? You MOST LIKELY have a newer model HWH that the flame sensor went bad on (unless you lost gas flow to the unit).

DO NOT open the door with the gasket just yet. This is a special unit and the gasket would most likely have to be replaced if you do. DO THIS FIRST>>>>>>>>>

What you will have to do is get you knee pads on, look through the viewing window, click the clicker several times real fast, and let us know if there is any sparking going on down there. You should be able to see some sparking going on (in a darkened room) when you click the red button fast.

IF you see sparking going on, then you know that the ignitor is working.

Then make sure your gas valve is in the 'pilot' position. (If you only have on/off then put it in the 'on' position)

HOLD down (in) the pilot valve and click the 'sparker' (ignitor) until the pilot lights up and hold it in (down) for at least a minute. When you let go it should stay lit. The pilot valve is sometimes the knob for on/off but you need to push it down to initiate gas flow to the pilot.

After the pilot is lit the valve should be placed in the 'on' position if it is not already.


IF this does not work:

Are OTHER gas appliances in the house working ok?

Is the gas valve on the unit in the proper 'ON' position?

Do you see 'sparking' when you push the red ignitor button?

Is there a pilot present?

*Is the dial with the temp. control in the 'on' and set to 'warm' position? (*IF you have a pilot on)


Brand & Model # would help here.

The above procedure is strictly GENERIC for the newer style HWHs as no brand or model #


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