hot water problems

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hot water problems

I have an older tankless oil furnace water heating system. I have been having some problems with getting hot water at some of the fixtures. For example, if I try to take a bath upstairs I will get hot water for a few seconds and then the water will go cold, even though the faucet is turned to full hot. This is beginning to happen at more faucets throughout the house. The furnace was just recently cleaned and inspected with no problems found. It is able to heat the house just fine, main problem is getting sustained hot water at faucets. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. If you need more information, also please let me know. Thanks.
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The best fix would be to install an indirect water heater or a circulated storage tank. Both would allow you to run the boiler temp lower in the off season and save a substantial amount of money. Both will also give much more hot water and take the instantaneous load off of the boiler.

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KField has the PROPER solution. However, not everyone has the funds to go the proper route all the time right away.

If you are looking for the quickest and cheapest way out for right now, you may be better off just replacing the tankless coil yourself for now, then later doing what KField suggests. The coil will probably cost about $180 or so and take about an hour to do.

I am assuming that the problem exists on all faucets thus pointing to a problem with the tankless coil. You can also have it cleaned when you remove it for a fraction of the cost of replacing it. A good radiator and cooling system shop for cars can do this which will run you about $30-$40, assuming that it is in good shape otherwise.

Then of course you will need to reinstall it. A good value for the money if you do the work yourself.

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