Pilot Keeps going out......please read on...I have done my homework

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Pilot Keeps going out......please read on...I have done my homework

Kenmore Power Miser 6. 4 years old to date. Recent home purchase.

Pilot light will not stay lit after burner turns off. I can get it lit, the burner will come on steady and heat to temp. When burner shuts off, so does pilot.

Every Time

What have I done? :
I have checked the draw from the vent and a match flame and smoke will be sucked up. Not very powerful of a suck, but does draw up.

2 days ago replaced Thermocouple, ignitor and pilot light (the alum hose from Gas control, I think it is the pilot gas supply. Installed fine.....exact same problem. Exact.

Last night located the replacement Gas Control Valve. I drained, removed and re installed new one to spec so now ALL parts besides the burner are brand new.

Same issue. Exact. Pilot will stay lit so long as I do not turn on the burner...once burner is on the water will heat to temp and go off.......along with the pilot.

What else could be the issue here, I feel like I have done everything I can but replace the entire WH unit. But that does not make sense to me as the tank could not be the issue because all parts are now new. I am really frustrated as I just did everything a tech would do....didnt I?

Any other ideas are greatly appreciated.

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You probably need to observe what is happening very carefully if you are to have a chance to determine what the problem may be. More than likely, the pilot light is being blown out when the burner shuts off.

You might or might not be able to see that happening. Less likely that you would be able to figure out what's causing it.

I've had many years as a gas repairman, and I can't really tell you what is causing that, and I might not be able to identify the cause even if I examined the equipment. Maybe, but maybe not.

Personally, I'd probably start by cleaning and checking out the pilot burner and pilot orifice, even though it's new. Gotta start with fundamentals, and a prime fundamental would be to inspect and clean the pilot burner and pilot orifice.

Another possibility is that the primary air shutter for the main burner may be open too far. That can cause the flame to be too sharp and to start and stop more sudenly than a burner flame with the proper amount (or perhaps just less) primary air.

A lot of water heater burners don't have a primary air shutter that can be adjusted, though.

I wouldn't recommend adjusting that yourself. Set it wrong and you can start creating a lot of carbon monoxide, soot and other problems.

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