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New Tank Advice


I'm looking at purchasing my first water heater. I need a 40 Gallon Natural Gas.

Through the state of Ohio I am eligible for a $100 rebate on an Energy Star Heater.

I have a couple questions.

1. Which brand seems to currently have the best reputation? I know every situation is different and all that stuff, but if you had to pick a brand, which one would it be?

2. Which brand(s) would you stay away from?

2. The current water heater is 15 years old. If you had to guestimate, how much do you think going to an Energy Star water heater would save me annually on my bill?

3. What is the best warranty to go with? It seems like if you get a 12 year warranty you normally get a more efficient water heater. Is it recommended to get the 12 year or 6 year?

4. Any other advice would be appreciated!

Thanks! any response or info is more then I currently have so feel free to suggest whatever
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1. Professional plumbers state the Bradford White line to be the best with Rheem or Ruud (same company) as being second best. The GE water heaters sold by Home Depot are made by Rheem.

2. Whirlpool is almost universally panned by professional plumbers AND most people that own one. Whirlpool is sold by Lowes.

3. In most cases the different length of a warranty is just an insurance payment, there is no difference in the water heater itself.

The "energy efficiency rating" between worst and best among natural draft (no fan assist) gas water heaters is about three to five percentage points. The major difference between the lowest and highest efficiency is simply thicker insulation.
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You might want to check with your state as to what they consider eligible for the Energy Star rebate. I'm not aware of any Energy Star ratings on conventional gas fired water heaters. Perhaps their $100 rebate is for the installation of an instantaneous water heater, which will cost you much more than simply replacing your 40 gallon standard water heater.
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You really don't need the rebate if you shop carefully - a decent quality 50 gallon can be had for <$350 if you shop carefully, and it'll come with a 5 year warranty. Beyond that, depending on your water conditions, it's a crap-shoot. Sometimes they last 30 years, sometimes they last two.

Changing the anode every couple of years can help.

If you really want to save some money, google "airtap" -
in my area for a family of two, annual costs to run it are $70 - VS $225 for nat gas - you'll save more if you have a bigger family.

I've been using one for a year now, and it's exactly as advertised - I verified the energy usage estimates using my kill-a-watt meter.
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