Water heater makes rumbling noise

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Water heater makes rumbling noise

I have a new GE water heater that makes a rumbling noise each time it starts to fire up the gas to heat the water. Is this normal? It has done this since day one.
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It does not sound like it should be normal. A rumble sound is vague. Could you describe the sound alittle better?

Mike NJ
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Would call it a loud gurgling noise? If so, my water heater does that. It's most noticeable when the demand on it is heavy as when multiple events such as showering and laundry are taking place at about the same time. In my area, the city water supply has a lot of lime or other minerals in it and this causes deposits on faucets, etc., and I'm sure it causes a build-up of deposits in the bottom of the water heater. I've already suspected the gurgling is actually a breaking up of the deposits on bottom when the heater is intensely heating. Maybe that's not an accurate notion but I see evidence that seems to support his theory if I drain the water heater soon after a loud gurgling session. If I catch the water that comes out in a bucket and let it settle, I'll see a lot of whitish sediment.

If you haven't been draining your water heater periodically, I suggest you do so. I think you may find it will reduce that noise.
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I have a new GE 50 gal Water Heater Model: SG50T12TXK00
Installed in Dec 2010 and since day 1 it makes a rumble when it ignites. I called GE they didn't seem to be worried about it. It has something to do with the burners being a new breed of thermal burners. It more or less sounds like the gas igniting up a hollow tube. If you try to replicate by turning up the temp and reigniting it makes no rumble. It only does when water heater has been out for a long period of time cooling.
I've also read about some guy who opened up the sealed area around the pilot and got the rumble to go away yet now the burning in the chamber allowed for a bluer flame... instead of the orange glow... BAD IDEA FOR HIM... he changed the dynamics of this new thermal chamber and it's no longer a low NOx efficient water heater. Just leave it alone or call GE. They will take a lot of information from you yet in the end it's not serious.

NOW if it was an older water heater rumbling it would be a different story..

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